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September 28, 2016

Choices for remodel

Category: Home Improvement – Garza 9:41 am

For those who are looking to hire contractors, or who are planning changing up some things in the home, making sure that you hire the top contractors for the job is key, not only for the best design styles, but also for the lowest possible prices on the work that will be performed. When considering what to do in each room, and which areas of the home that you are going to remodel, the ones which bring in the greatest resale value to the home are typically the bathrooms Bolton and the kitchen in any home. So, if possible, choosing to start on these rooms, and choosing a more modern look and approach to the space, are some of the things to consider, especially if you are putting the home on the market, and selling it.

September 27, 2016

Can’t Beat the Heat

Category: Home Improvement – Garza 4:39 am

It has been three days since my air conditioning Manchester unit began shuddering dramatically, like a Miami resident in 65-degree weather, before abruptly giving out. I don’t think I would have normally minded this, but it is summer and temperatures here have been steadily inching toward the 90s.

To combat the effects of heat exhaustion, I’ve taken to lounging around in tank tops and shorts. I have also stocked up on electric fans, popsicles and ice cube trays. Admittedly, times like this also make me wish I had invested in thermal drapes. I really don’t have time to be knocked out by the heat—I have proposals to write and deadlines to curse.

Unfortunately, professional rescue will not be arriving until Thursday, which is still two days from now. Until then, I’ll have to keep Googling, ‘How to endure hot summer nights (without AC),’ for lifesaving tips.

September 26, 2016

You Need to Look Like Who?

Category: Relationships – Garza 9:30 am

During college I worked as a bridal makeup artist Manchester in local department store. My job was to give makeovers to customers and sell the products. One Saturday morning a lady approached me about our makeovers. I should have known it was going to be an unusual day when she asked, “Do you take customer requests?” She proceeded to tell me that she was getting married later that afternoon and had never actually met her fiancé in person. They had an on-line relationship and she had not been very honest when she described herself. She even went so far as to send him slightly blurry not well lit pictures. This woman was 5’8″, average size build, long brown hair. She was a pretty, Caucasian woman that obviously frequented the tanning bed. Her request for me that Saturday? She needed to look like Beyoncé, she told her fiancé she looked just like Beyoncé.